7 Fresh New Alternatives to Subway Tile

7 Fresh New Alternatives to Subway Tile

Nancy Mitchell
May 10, 2013

Subway tile is huge for kitchens right now. And for good reason — it looks good in traditional or modern kitchens, with light grout or dark grout. It looks pretty. It looks clean. If you love the look of subway tile but are searching for something just a little different, check out these alternatives from Coverings 2013, the international show that's all about tile. 

  1. This tile, from the Moods line by Interceramic, would be dramatic in a white kitchen. 
  2. I spotted a lot of hexagonal shapes at the show, including these marble tiles by Isha, which I think would be perfect for a backsplash (perhaps with dark grout?). These are only about an inch across, but Isha makes them in many different scales, including some that are quite large (almost a foot across). 
  3. The deep bevel on this rectangular tile by Los Angeles manufacturer Ken Mason is deliciously dramatic. 
  4. These glazed terra cotta tiles by American maker Seneca are handcrafted in the US. The same shape and color as subway tiles, but with a little extra texture and movement. 
  5. These hexagonal tiles, also by Ken Mason, have an intriguing shape and texture. They come in gloss (seen here) and satin finishes. 
  6. These delicately patterned rectangular tiles from American maker Red Rock Tileworks would be lovely in a more traditional kitchen. 
  7. I'm telling you, the hexagons. They are all over the place. They are poised for takeover. These hex tiles are from Wizard

(Images: Nancy Mitchell)

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