Bookmark This: The 7 Minute Workout In Interactive Format

Bookmark This: The 7 Minute Workout In Interactive Format

Gregory Han
May 21, 2013

Since reading about the ultra-efficient, small space friendly, 7 Minute Workout, I've incorporated it as one of the very first things I do each morning. But for such a simple routine, how I actually executed it was sort of complex: I'd set an interval timer app for the 30 seconds on/10 seconds rest configuration on my phone, while using a screencap of the helpful graphic on a tablet to refer to. But now I don't have to juggle two devices while I memorize the routine to memory... takes all 12 of the exercises of The Scientific 7-Minute Workout and combines the accompanying graphics from the original New York Times fitness section post with an audible countdown timer, ideal for use with a phone, tablet, or even a laptop. 

Press "Start" and the interval-style on and off training system is offered clearly for newbies, letting exercisers focus on the high intensity exercises instead of worrying what's next, and optimized for eventual memorization. 

I suspect after 2-3 sessions, I'll be able to ditch the routine handholding offered by the site and just switch back over to an interval timer app like Interval Run. But for now, this cute website is a much welcome help for this dumbbell.

(Image: Gregory Han)

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