7 More Stylish & Expensive-Looking Home DIY Projects

We're always on the hunt for those DIY projects with results that look so good they look like they could have been bought from a store (we actually brought you ten projects last weekend). Not only do you get to have fun making these seven projects, but you get to save money while still getting an expensive look.

Pictured above: Stunning water-colored fabric turned into curtains inspired by a Jonathan Adler accessory. Looks so expensive! As seen on Cuckoo 4 Design.

What a cute little rough-edged wooden table. Adorable legs, too. Seen on Upcycled Treasures.

Want a cute little wood table on metal legs but the one above doesn't quite fit your style (that could very possibly be organic modern)? Try this one spotted on fall for DIY.

If you don't want to spend the price of what black and white plus decor costs, make your own! This DIY blanket seen on Brit + Co.

This shelf plus frame combination is so cute! Make it for yourself based on the instructions found on Liz Marie Blog.

Spice up a wooden cutting board with chalkboard paint and a ribbon to really make it yours. Seen on Personally Andrea.

These colorful, geometric painted wooden centerpieces are rad because you can control their color scheme and make them blend in or stand out in your home as much as you'd like. Seen on Tell Love & Chocolate.

Do you have any favorite DIY projects to add to this list?

(Image credits: Cuckoo 4 Design; Upcycled Treasures; fall for DIY; Brit + Co; Liz Marie Blog; Personally Andrea; Tell Love & Chocolate)