7 Apps I Always Want On Both My Work and Home Computers

7 Apps I Always Want On Both My Work and Home Computers

Julienne Lin
Feb 1, 2012

I recently got a new laptop from my employer, and the first thing I did was installing the same applications I use on a daily basis on my personal setup at home. Setting up a new computer is like having a second apartment for work: I want to add as many personal touches to it as possible to make it feel comfortable. Here are the applications, shortcuts, and utilities that are on my "must have" list...

Because I work in public relations, I have a specific go-to toolbox that I need in order to get things done. It contains the following apps:

1. Skitch: Skitch is my favorite screen capture app because I can get the most accurate shots I need and the app also lets you edit your image. It was recently acquired by Evernote (also another one of my favorite apps). This awesome app is also free.

2. Pinterest Pin it button: I don't necessarily use Pinterest directly for work, but it's always a spot I visit for inspiration, which is why I like to have a Pinterest button readily available on my browser. Anytime I happen to come across something I want to remember, up it goes on one of my boards with a click of the "Pin it" button.

3. Alfred: We've talked about why we love Alfred, so naturally it is also on my "must-download" list on a new computer. It just helps with accessing whatever we need on our computers or on the web quicker than any other tool.

4. Pathsnagger: At work, we are constantly directing others to files on the server and pathsnagger makes a world's difference when it comes to sharing file paths. All you have to do is control-click a document and you can get the file path and send it over to whoever needs it.

5. Dropbox: There are other cloud services out there, but I've been using Dropbox since it came out in 2007 and I haven't ever wanted to switch. It has especially come in handy for the particular instance of switching or getting a new computer. Dropbox always gets a spot on my toolbar no matter what computer I'm using so I can access it at any time.

6. Bit.ly button: Another tool I like to keep in my browser is the bit.ly shortening tool. I not only shorten links for tweets, but many times we it them to shorten links I'm sending out for work to keep my messages as clean as possible.

7. Adium: Lastly, most agencies we've worked with communicate through AIM and our favorite chat tool is Adium. You can use it to chat on practically any chat service including Gchat, MSN messenger and Facebook chat, all with one app.

What is your profession and which apps are in your toolbox?

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