7 Projects to Try from Etsy's How-Tuesdays

What is it about this time of the year that jumpstarts our DIY spirit? We're making cookies, stringing popcorn, cutting out gift tags from last year's holiday cards — even those of us who are all thumbs get into the crafty spirit for the holidays. If you're looking for a few last-minute gifts and dealing with the stores or the mall just seems overwhelming, check out Etsy's How-Tuesday Video series. Their latest one shows how to create mini-terrarium in a blown light bulb (use a spaghetti sauce, jam or pickle jar if you don't have a blown light bulb).

Here are some other ones I'm loving:

  • Stenciled Handwriting Art: I'm always looking for fun art that's inexpensive and personal. Use your toddler's first sentence, a line from your boyfriend's love letter or a few lines from your mother's signature recipe.
  • Weekly planner: Yeah, I know, we've all gone digital. Not completely. Sometimes, you just need to write it down to get it out of your head. For those times, here's a little book that won't take up much more room than a credit card.
  • Parchment Flowers: These would be a beautiful addition to a tree or a package.
  • Embellished Frames: A photo in a beautiful frame is always a welcome gift for family.
  • Wood Wall Hanging: I'm loving a rustic vibe lately. Try this project and turn fallen branches into a cool piece for your walls.
  • Felted Eyeballs: Sans eyeball details, how cool would these be piled into a bowl on our coffee table?

To check out the rest of Etsy's How Tuesday videos, see Etsy | How Tuesday.

Images: Etsy