#7 - Suzanne and Justin's World in Manhattan

Name: Suzanne and Justin
Location: New York, NY
Type: 1 Bedroom, 1 Office, 1 Living Room with Galley Kitchen, Family-Owned.

Why I use color:

My boyfriend and I love to travel. We try to bring every trip back into our home, which has made for an interesting color palette. Once we decided on a deep, rich red rug, that set us up with all warm, red tones. Now we aren't afraid to bring something home that is bright gold or a bold orange. Everything we bring back with us finds a place somewhere...

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Our artwork above the couch is made from a stack of papers bought at a Hong Kong street market! I think our greatest design discovery was when we realized the items we already have – board games, books, photographs, scarves, magazines – make for great color in the apartment. (Next, I'd like to top an old side table with beer mats I collected when studying abroad in Dublin.)

Throughout our apartment, we try to use the dominant colors of deep reds, browns, and gold. The office is the only exception – I wanted something that felt a little different, to separate work from home. I absolutely love mint chocolate chip anything, so that inspired the office.

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2 Good color tips:

1. Sometimes the things from inside a drawer can be displayed neatly and creatively, adding a whole bunch of different colors into one little organized space. We wanted to jazz up our dark entryway, so we hung all my scarves, and now it's a wall of color!

2. So much can inspire color...certainly a great piece of artwork or a pillow, but as you can see, I used an ice cream flavor for the office!

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Valspar Pale Ecru – it's the perfect backdrop to the things we hang on the walls.

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