7 Ways to Make Work a Little More
Like Home

Here on Apartment Therapy we are always finding new ways to make your home a lovelier and happier place. Well, let's switch it up for a bit and focus on a place where you probably spend as much (maybe even more!) time than you do at home… work.

I have always decorated the space I worked in (note: I work in a creative field), because if I spent all my time in a place that was empty and generic for 8-plus hours a day it would make my work day exponentially worse. Making my work place my own has always created a kind of second home for me — a place I could retreat, feel comfortable and get into my zone much more efficiently.

If you work full-time, you are most likely spending a large portion of your day in your workspace. If so, stop and think about what your space looks like. Are you in a cubicle with 2-3 grey walls? Are you in a stark white office with no decor and no personality? Is your desk full of work stuff and nothing else? If the answer is yes, I think it may be time for a change.

Here are some tips to get started (assuming your work allows it):

Frames: If you have real walls, go out and get some art, frame it, and get it up. Buy something that makes you smile, puts you in a good mood, and inspires you.

Lighting: Can you bring your own lamp? Creating your own lighting and getting out of the glare of the overhead fluorescents can change your world instantly.

A Rug: Do you have room for a small rug? Even if it's under your chair or desk, you will see it and know it's there.

Walls: Do you have space to 'faux wallpaper' your cubicle walls with images, fabric or nice paper?

Flowers/Plant: A real or fake plant (depending on work policies) will give you a little glimpse of the outside world.

Accessories: Bring in a cool vase or cup to put your pens in. Head to the thrift store and find something fun and small to put on your desk.

Color: If you are in a very neutral setting, add some color. Something that makes you happy and will brighten your day.

Or take a cue from one of the inspiring offices shown above:
1. The offices of Refinery29, via Design*Sponge.
2. Biketopus
3. Jen On The Edge
4. Cube Chic

(Images: as credited above)

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