7 Ways to Say Home Sweet Home

7 Ways to Say Home Sweet Home

The first day of Fall has come and gone and I haven't even unpacked my sweaters from the attic! But, first things first, I went shopping on Etsy for a fun Fall statement piece and what better statement is there to evoke all the coziness of autumn than "Home Sweet Home". I know…a touch cliché but therein lies its charm. Which one of these will make your home sweet home even sweeter?

  1. Home Sweet Home Pillow by Auntie Cookie - $45

  2. Home Sweet Home Block Print by one CANOE two - $25

  3. Home Sweet Home Letterpress Print by LOT 9 Press - $25

  4. Home Sweet Home Print by the wheatfield - $15

  5. Home Sweet Home Garland by Crazy Husky Crafts - $20

  6. Home Sweet Rental Illustration Print by Remixed Vintage - $18

  7. Home Sweet Home Decal by Household Words - $6

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