A Portrait of Home: Custom House Illustrations from Etsy Artists

A Portrait of Home: Custom House Illustrations from Etsy Artists

Tess Wilson
Jul 4, 2017

A house portrait is the perfect gift for so many occasions: housewarming parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, moving parties, and Mother's/Father's day. You could commission an illustration for your BFF of the building you lived in during college, give the parents of a new baby a portrait of the first house the couple shared, or commission a drawing for your parents of the first home you remember. And if the gift is a hit, you're all set up for future gift-giving opportunities—at least if your loved ones move as often as mine do!

Etsy is a fantastic resource for commissioning customized home illustrations. I've rounded up eight sellers with different styles to give you a taste of what's out there, as well as pricing and turnaround time information.


Prices: $172.55-$211.76
Turnaround Time: Approximately 3 weeks
These sweet watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper illustrations would be right at home in a children's book.


Prices: $79.27
Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks
Made of hand-cut Colorplan paper, these works of art are totally unique yet will fit into standard 8"x10" frames.


Prices: $105-$131.25
Turnaround Time: 3-4 weeks
These sculptures are made of layers of hand-cut, acid-free colored paper, meticulously assembled.


Price: $91.86-$111.55
Turnaround Time: 48 hours (plus 10-15 days shipping to the U.S.)
These prints on acid-free paper are available in two styles: sketchy, colorful portraits or minimal, duotone silhouettes.


Price: $159
Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks
These delightful colored pencil drawings on archival Bristol paper are sweet without being saccharine, and the colorful drawings are nicely set off by the plain white backgrounds.


Prices: $42.14-$76.38
Turnaround Time: a few days once design is approved
These minimal, black and white digital prints will look great in industrial and modern homes. The middle print, however, would look charming in a slightly witchy kid's room.


Prices: $120-$150
Turnaround Time: Varies
These whimsical, colorful illustrations are printed on matte Epson paper. Send a photo featuring your pets if you'd like them to be included.


Price: $19.69-$32.81
Turnaround Time: Varies
Save money with this printable JPEG of a hand-drawn, highly detailed ink house portrait. Print as many as you want!

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