As long as there's good food and friends, picnics are perfectly lovely eaten out of neon coolers on old college blankets. But with so many cute picnic accessories around, why not take it up a notch and create an attractive tablescape in the great outdoors? Here are 8 finds from Etsy that are sure to help create memorable, chic feasts.

Cool vintage picnic goods can also frequently be found at local thrift stores (and Brimfield in Chicago). And there's just something special about pulling homemade sandwiches, fresh summer fruit, and chilled wine out of pretty baskets and eating it on real napkins.

1. A gorgeous striped blanket from Rocket and Bear, approximately $130.
2. An vintage Burlington basket complete with accessories. $48 at Ivorybird.
3. This sleek travel cup and pitcher set would be perfect for homemade lemonade. $15 from Epoca.
4. A plaid backpack full of dishes $27 at JollyPollyPickins.
5. Chic, red-handled flatware will look good and keep you from throwing out the plastic stuff. $10 at OceanVintage.
6. Each layer of this basket is a plate complete with different compartments and lids. $38 at rjcrazyone.
7. Orange gingham napkins look crisp and classic. A set of 8 is $25 at Peppermint Pinwheels.
8. This French-style basket holds 6 glass bottles in style, ideal for wine or sparkling water. $20 at Frog Goes to Market.