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If you're unsure what you want for the holidays (and people keep asking) why not ask for one of these books and try a new craft? Each book is as gorgeous as it is inspirational — and each one will make great gift for the crafters on your list.

  1. Your younger sister will love this sweet sewing book, filled with 25 projects by top designers. Sew Gifts, $17.18 at Amazon.
  2. A pretty woodworking book, filled with ideas, from birdhouses to tables, that can be completed in a weekend. Woodworking in a Weekend, $24.95 at Chronicle Books.
  3. Your knitting-obsessed best friend just bought her first house? She'll love Ruth Cross's beautiful Knits at Home to help decorate it. $18.43 at at Interweave Knits.
  4. Go from admiring the gorgeous handmade leather goods on Etsy to making your own with this introductory workbook. Leather: History, Techniques, and Projects. $26.76 at Amazon.
  5. Mollie Makes, the popular craft magazine, just released another book in their crafting series — this time, the projects center on woodland creatures. Mollie Makes Woodland Friends, $9.95 at Amazon.
  6. This stunning book gives instructions on how to make all sorts of handmade books, from tiny necklace-sized notepads to a Little League scorebook. Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures, $26.95 at Roost Books.
  7. Give your eco-crusader cousin Green Beauty, a lovely how-to filled with homemade beauty recipes made with all natural ingredients. $12.54 at Amazon.
  8. If you loved making baskets at summer camp years ago, why not try again? This book is filled with simple, stylish projects. The Weekend Crafter: Basketry. $9.95 at Lark Crafts.