8 Organizing Ideas for the Coat Closet

With the beautiful weather we've been experiencing here in Chicago, you wouldn't know winter is on the way. Still, we're making room in our entryway for scarves, hats, mittens, and heavy coats to prepare for the day when the cold weather does hit. Below, we've rounded up a few organizing ideas for your coat closet or entryway...

  • S-hooks on a closet rod can be used to hang bags, umbrellas and other hard-to-store items.
  • Use open baskets or bins to store mittens, scarves, and other cold-weather essentials during the winter months.
  • This coat closet idea (left) from Martha Stewart uses shelves on the bottom to keep shoes, hats, and scarves organized. Hooks on the back of the door also add extra storage space.
  • This closet (right) featured in Sunset Magazine keeps everyday items in plain sight, and less frequently used items hidden behind closed cabinets.
  • One way to create more space in the closet involves buying the right hanger for the job. Check out this post for a roundup of over 15 different types of hangers, from tiered racks to folding rods.
  • If you've got a lot of cleaning and decluttering to tackle, check out this inspirational makeover on Real Simple, which includes tips for whittling down and reducing bulk in your closet.
  • If you don't have a coat closet (or even if you have a closet, but you need some extra storage), there are lots of stylish ways to use coat hooks in a home. These fun and functional entryway systems don't take themselves too seriously.
  • For more coat closet alternatives, this post offers a few ideas for open-space closets that can be installed on a wall or in a nook.