There are inherent challenges associated with living in a small home. Where will you store all your shoes? How will you make a sofa fit into a teeny tiny room? Who makes a coffee table that can double as a dining table? For every challenge, there is a solution — and these eight retailers are a great place to start.

  • Creative Classics Based in Alexandra, Virginia, this shop specializes in small space furnishes made in the USA. 
  • Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop As their name suggests, this store features furniture designed for small spaces. 
  • Simplicity Sofas This is a great source for American-made sofas that are designed to fit in small spaces. 
  • Smart Furniture This retailer carries a range of modern furniture, including a lot of space saving options. 
  • The Container Store Half the challenge of making the most of a small space is keeping it organized.
  • Resource Furniture This is a great resource for space saving wall beds and expanding tables.
  • Milano Smart Living This web shop features sofa beds, wall beds and other modern space saving furniture from Italy.
  • Muji The Japanese retailer of simple chic furniture and accessories has two New York locations as well as a web shop.

(Images: Kate's High-Functioning Space)