How to Save Energy In Every Room

There are many ways you can enjoy a "fresh start" to the new year, with plenty of cleaning, organizing, and decorating ideas. But have you considered a diet? No, not the typical New Year's resolution type, but a cleanse-workout for your home's gluttonous hunger for energy. Here's a helpful infographic to walk us all through the problem areas where unplugging, replacing, or simply turning down the dial can save you money throughout the year...

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  1. Bathroom Fan: High efficiency ventilation fans can save 60% more energy (and are less noisy than regular ceiling fans!).
  2. TV: LED-backlit LCD televisions are the most energy friendly TVs on the market, saving you 50% more energy than your old TV.
  3. Stove: Electronic ignition gas stoves and convection ovens can save 33% more energy.
  4. Refrigerator: Resource saver fridges can save 30% more energy.
  5. Water Heater: Replace your water heater with an automatic activation and deactivation tankless gas water heater and save 22% more energy.
  6. Heating: Consider installing an automated HVAC system for heater and cooler which can save you 20% more energy.
  7. Blinds: Programmable blinds and drapes can save 20% more energy (set them to close during the hottest part of the day to keep your house comfortable, plus you won't use as much air conditioning!).
  8. Lighting: Automatic dimmers can save 15% more energy.

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