80's Sofa: Take It or Leave It?

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Q: Should I buy a "vintage" Englander brand 80s sectional? Two aspects to my question, quality of manufacturer and wear, and then how the style reads (albeit based on poor photos).

I've been looking to buy a large/low sectional for our basement living room for six months or so. We like modern and fairly minimalist (not extreme), with a few "pops" and a mid-century modern twist here and there. We're trying to go with long low lines (ala mid-century) especially as ceiling are only 7 feet in the room where this is going in the newly finished basement.

I often check out sectionals on Craiglist and this one is too good to pass up without seriously considering. It's "Englander" brand (but I can find references to England brand or Englander mattresses only-- not sure if these are related companies?). I can't find info on whether this was/is a quality manufacturer, especially c1985.

I think I need some fresh eyes. I will be checking out wear, color, fabric, etc. in person and welcome tips on what to look for BUT what I want to know most from you all is how this sofa reads. Assume it is only reasonably worn (I can restuff cushions if needed) and I like the color when I see it in person. Is it:

Cool, slightly slouchy with good long low lines and a pretty light gold color? Or totally outdated and worn out, with a body style better left in the 80s?

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