Pixelated Nostalgia: 8-Bit Designs

Pixelated Nostalgia: 8-Bit Designs

Joel Pirela
Aug 30, 2011

Remember the early days of bitmapped, pixelated computing? Of course you do, because the pioneer era of pixels never seemed to have left pop culture, with the nostalgia factor still running high and evident in a wide range of low pixel count form factors...

8 Bit HangerIt looks like the pointer from your PC, circa 1989, but magnified 5000x bigger. Not only could you use this wall hook to hang clothing, but we found it very convenient to use it for cable management, like for iPod's cables and laptop chargers, alongside a perfect cool way to hang full size headphones.

8-Bit Watch
The geek chic factor is high with this timepiece. Made of stainless steel on the face and high grade ABS for the band, these watches (available in black or white) are priced nicely at $29.99. Perhaps now you're older, you'll be wearing this to remind your own kid it's time to get off the PS3 or Xbox 360 and do their homework!

USB Pixel Mouse
Similar to the 8-Bit Hanger above, the 8-Bit Pixel Mouse is a corded USB peripheral that's every bit low tech as its appearance (no wireless or laser optics here). At least it's a little bit curved shape to fit into the palm, with both right and left click button and a scroll wheel.

8 Bit Pixel Wall Clock
If the wristwatch above is too small and you want something for the home office, may we recommend this 8-bit wall clock. Made of MDF and aluminum hands with PVD back, this 8-bit wall clock is geeky, but in a good way, perfect for the game room, and just $32.

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