We're in the middle of outfitting two offices, one of which has a monochrome, minimalist approach to decor. We've been trying to find the perfect, graphic wall clock to accompany the black and white furniture and accessories; here are some of our favorites, which prove through cleverness and strength of design that just because something is black and white, it doesn't have to be boring.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Top Row, Left to Right:

1. Extra Normal Wall Clock, Gessato ($199) - a sliding disc with a cutout reveals only one number on the clock's face at a time for an elegant, minimal solution.

2. DIY 3D Wall Clock, AliExpress ($15.79) - apply numbers directly to the wall or use as few as you like (we'd recommend the 12, 3, 6 and 9) for a cool graphic look.

3. Icon Clock, GNR8 ($59) - the famous Icon Clock makes a bold graphic statement with its monochromatic design; it also comes in other colors like pink or blue.

4. Tajma Clock, Ikea ($9.99) - for the ultimate in simplicity, as well as rock-bottom prices, turn to Ikea.

5. Karlsson New Gear Wall Clock, Adelbrook (£65.70) - the Karlsson clock offers a minimalistic peek at the gears inside the clock, for a subtly industrial but still simple look.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Bottom Row, Left to Right:

1. Queen Clock, Well Dressed Home ($49.95) - silhouettes are très chic, and what better shape to make a bold but simple and classy statement on your office than the head of Her Majesty?

2. Pendulum Clock, CB2 ($59.95) - a concealed pendulum offers the tiniest glimpses of color in this wonderfully simple design.

3. Dario Serio Punctuation Clock, House Vira (out of stock) - to add a bit of personality to your office, or just if you're a fan of typography, try these punctuation marks by Dario Serio; a series of question marks says something very different than, say, an exclamation point, or you can make your own interrobang.

4. Blank Wall Clock, Alessi ($155) - for the ultimate in simple, try this DIY wall clock, which comes with a blank face and pens to mark it on. Draw on the numbers, reminders for yourself, or just leave it blank.