9 Bubble Mirror

9 Bubble Mirror

Heather Blaha
Sep 6, 2006

We lived with a mirror like this for a few years, hung at average adult eye level and with no children in our apartment. So when we saw this retro-inspired bubble mirror for sale, we liked the pitch for kids, but also saw it as one of those pieces that brings out the kid in adults.

We loved living with a bubble mirror in our entryway, and found it to be a great conversation piece and a fun way to enter our home each day. For kids, we can imagine hours spent inspecting their warped image.

One thing we don't like: the blue hanging hardware, which we find incredibly distracting. We'd want to see this mirror with clean edges.

This piece comes in two sizes (small 18.5 x 18.5" or large 32 x 32") for $119.99 and $219.99.

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