One of the caveats of having pets is that pet accessories tend to be on the junky/ugly side and it’s such a shame to bring a neon, acrylic fur monstrosity into your carefully orchestrated home. We came up with 9 pet bed options that are attractive, well-designed and are all handmade, made of renewable or recycled materials, or have online DIY instructions.

  1. DIY 4-Poster Bed: I LOVE this idea of using a side table turned upside-down and finishing it. This is such a successful DIY project. Full instructions on the Junk Camp blog.
  2. Mr. Roboto Dog Duvet: these duvets are sold without stuffing and designed for you to stuff them youself. This allows them to ship a lot lighter and reuse old materials. A fairly good value at $20 - $45 each from
  3. Retro Modern Pet Bed in Chartreuse Stripe: I've coveted these cat beds for a while. They have such a great mid-century inspired design and are handmade in Lubbock Texas. $79 from LikeKittysVille's etsy shop.
  4. A Patchwork Pet Bed via Apartment Therapy: An awesome post from Apartment Therapy for a patchwork pet bed made of recycled sweaters.
  5. Upcycled Country Pet Bed from a Wooden Fruit Crate: Very cute cat bed for $58 from lovenostalgicwhimsy's etsy shop.
  6. Kirsten’s Suitcase Pet Bed: A DIY project outline from Design*Sponge.
  7. A DIY Simple Cat Bed: A very easy minimalist pet bed from
  8. Wine Crate Pet Bed: A great use for wine crates, but a bit steep at $225 from Winer & Diner. I thought this would be a great inspiration for a DIY project though.
  9. Curve Wall-mounted Pet Bed: A very sleek and stylish bed, cleanly tucked out of the way. But also a bit out of my price range at $199 from Akemi Tanaka on