Books are a weakness of mine so when I'm buying gifts, I often default to giving books. The books I've rounded up are all about Home — whether it's inspiring style and images of great mid century architecture in California or (one of my guilty pleasures) books about the history of the idea of "home".

1. LA Modern a gorgeous book chronicling modern Los Angeles by one of the best architectural photographers living today.
2. Geography of Home is a thoughtful account of the history, architecture and psychology of home in America.
3. The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough. An inspiring book with the novel concept of space being distinctly luxurious. One of our favorite ideas of less being more
4. Home: A Short History of An Idea: This book was required reading when I was in art school. it struck me and probably planted the seed for all the ways I'm fascinated by the idea of home and culture. A great read about the history of home and how we live.
5. Fifties Furniture by Paul McCobb: this caught my eye when I saw it posted on Emily Henderson's Blog. The photography, the style, the furniture, it's all so classic it's hard to resist.
6. Sunset Garden Art and Decoration. I'm a sucker for all things Sunset, especially anything mid century. In the past I've even cut pages out to frame.
7. Vintage Style via Hindsvik: a great source for anyone into thrifting their home in style.
8. Clear Your Clutter WIth Feng Shui: This book was what got me started thinking about home and how I live in it and what kinds of things I actually need. Feng Shui has lost its hip factor, but the book is striking in its simplicity and Karen Kingston's ability to distill complicated ideas into practical applications around the house are genius.
9. Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970: chronicles lesser known architects building in california in the 50's and 60's. A gorgeous account of part of one of my favorite eras in architecture.