9 Month Cure: Slowly Moving Back In

9 Month Cure: Slowly Moving Back In

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 15, 2006

Time Remaining: 5 days

Last night we slept with all the windows open and the three air purifiers running as well. I was for holding out one more night until the fumes were less, but SKGR said it wasn't so bad and she really wanted to be home. How nice it was. Even without our kitchen, a whole bunch of small punch list items and everything still in boxes, it was absolutely glorious to be home. This weekend, it's all about the nest.

Having dinner across the street last night, Tamara - who I met because she was the first apartment I did for Mission Organization (the orange wall one) spotted us and stepped in to say hello (no kitchen = no cooking). She now lives in a glorious new apt down the street with lots of light.

We chose wide plank (5.5") oak flooring with a deep chocolate stain and Vincent Devaney did a beautiful job with the installation despite the fact that the electricity in the building is so bad, he couldn't use his belt sander or any of his machinery. He worked by hand. The poly seal is waterbased and will be getting two more coats in semi-gloss when the kitchen is done.

This yellow wall will be behind the kitchen cabinets. Peter and Tino thought the color was way too much, which is exactly what we wanted to hear ;-). It's called Nacho Cheese! It is the only strong color in the apt right now and we intend for it to really warm up the room.

Our new rocker was found for the lowest price at Design Public. We chose the Nurseryworks Sleepytime rocker in off-white ultra-suede and with the natural legs. It's much more comfy than it looks.

Ah, our first shower was last night and I finally had the opportunity to buy my favorite shower curtain: the Matouk seersucker (Block Island).

Bill Skinner's great closet makes it easier to reach and organize everything but it is filling up quickly.

A new air purifier we bought which seems to work very well. It's by Honeywell, who seems to have bought up the business.

What used to be a desk is becoming a baby changing station. Note all the open windows.

The baby bed awaits.....

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