9 Month Cure: No Place Like Home

9 Month Cure: No Place Like Home

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 18, 2006

Time Remaining: 1 day

I love our home. Is it okay to admit it? It will one day be too small, but right now it's damn near perfect. It's beautiful, the layout is divine and we love the people in our neighborhood: Louie the mailman, everyone at Ino next door, Jerry who owns the laundry on the corner...the list goes on.

FYI - We Are Ready (except for the kitchen, of course). We spent the weekend cleaning up, unpacking, sorting and installing and couldn't have had a better time of it. There is nothing more satisfying that you can do with your clothes on than fix up your home and then enjoy it. We celebrated on Sunday night with a bottle of champagne (originally meant for the hospital - SKGR had a 1/2 glass) and Indian takeout.

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