9 Month Cure: Pushing

9 Month Cure: Pushing

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 12, 2006

Our mattress sits outside as space is tight inside

Time Remaining: 7 days

It's been a long day. Pushing hard since 8:30 this morning, Peter and Tino have done a tremendous amount and we are very close to done. We need only half a day more to finish and clean up, and we'll have it tomorrow. They would both like to take the rest of the week to do an even better job of tending to details and putting on more coats of paint, but there isn't the time...

In truth, the apartment looks better than it ever, ever has. It is more than ready for its closeup.

Tomorrow morning is the last of this phase of dirty work. At midday we clean up and tomorrow afternoon, SKGR comes in to wipe things down and move back in...finally.

Our tracklights are in! Whoooooo-Hoooooooo!

We are doing our walls in a two tone, with China White atop Bone White. There have been problems getting a sharp line between the two as the painter's tape tore off lower layers. This is one thing we need to address tomorrow morning.

We've moved most of our belongings into the yard, but these remain in the main room.

We've installed real dimmers on all the switches, which will make a real difference.

Tino and Peter painting up a storm in the bedroom. They hit the plaster with paint right after it dried and moved quickly until they came to the trim. That took hours....

Our bathroom and sconces are slowly coming together. No shades on the sconces yet. The medicine cabinet couldn't be hung because we'd lost the hardware over the preceding weeks. Simon's had a replacement kit sent immediately from Robern, which i am still waiting for as i write.

The dust from the sanding of the walls was thick.

The bedroom skimmed, sanded and painted. It really looks like a million bucks and was worth adding on. Wait till you see the good pics.