9 Month Cure: Sliding Into Home

9 Month Cure: Sliding Into Home

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 8, 2006

Time Remaining: 11 days

She's big as a house and our house is not done! I'll freely admit that my wife is a saint, and I truly believe that if it weren't for all the incredible hormones flowing through her body I'd be having a really rough time right now. (But it (and she) is looking SO beautiful.) As it is, our little project IS drawing to a close but it's still not finished and we're going away to a friend's wedding this weekend to stay out of the house for two more days while the painting and punch list is finished.

Right now, I am - again - blogging from the bar at the restaurant down the street while they work on the apartment. This whole week has been totally hectic: cleaning up from the installation of the new floor, sleeping at home one night (LOVELY!), recieving deliveries every other hour (running home from the office), and making sure that every little thing gets done, while keeping on the phone with the various vendors and contractors to make sure that everything shows up at the right time.

These pics are not so good, but they do show where it's all at right now at 12:50 am.....

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