9 Stylish Uses for Vintage Tins

9 Stylish Uses for Vintage Tins

Melissa DiRenzo
Jul 24, 2014
(Image credit: House & Home)

One of my favorite things to collect is vintage tins. They add just a hint of eclectic style in your space. Easy to find and affordable, they are versatile d├ęcor multitaskers. While you can display them as a colorful collection on their own, here are nine more creative and practical uses:

1. Grow herbs. Make your indoor herb garden a design feature in your kitchen with a collection of colorful vintage tea tins on display, like the example shown above from House & Home.

(Image credit: Once Wed)

2. Floral arranging. Vintage tins are interesting vase for a floral centerpiece. Use it on a vintage theme setting like this one from Once Wed or contrast it with a table of modern dishware.

(Image credit: HGTV)

3. Kitchen storage. Use some vintage food tins to store your cooking utensils for the perfect pop of vintage in your kitchen, as spotted above on HGTV's website.

(Image credit: Gardenista)

4. Pretty planter. If you like the herb posts shown above, you can similarly use your tin as a more permanent planter for some simple greenery in a modern and fresh bathroom like this example from Gardenista.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

5. Tiered storage. Storing craft supplies can be a challenge. Make this vintage tin tiered organizer for your most used or prettiest craft supplies, as spotted on Better Homes & Gardens.

(Image credit: Just Something I Made)

6. Corral all the craft supplies. If you're a serious crafter and have a whole room dedicated to your creative projects, go nuts and put it all on display and at your fingertips. This barn craft studio by Just Something I Made is pure vintage eye candy.