9 Ways To Make Your Own Backyard Bubble Solution

9 Ways To Make Your Own Backyard Bubble Solution

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 2, 2014

There wasn't a summer that went by, when we were younger, without bubbles. We always made the solution ourselves, allowing us to make as many as we wanted, as often as we wanted and most importantly in the mind of a youngster, as big as we wanted! After the jump you'll find 9 trusted bubble solution recipes, all of which only involve the need for a few on hand ingredients for an afternoon full of fun!

The recipes below simply require a quick mix of the ingredients they contain. The dishwashing soaps are specific as different ones have different "bubble making properties," and if you've never purchased glycerin before, check your local drugstore or pharmacy.

Shallow baking pans work great for larger bubble wands while muffin cups hold small amounts for those who are more likely to spill. Try different recipes for different bubbles and don't forget to have fun! Our own personal favorite is the one listed up top, although there are a few in this list we've yet to try! Do you have a trusted recipe for bubbles? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Exploratorium Bubble Formula: 2/3 cup Joy dishwashing soap, 1 gallon water, 2 to 3 tablespoons of glycerin

2. Cyndi's Bubble Recipe: 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid (Dawn or Joy), 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of sugar

3. Homemade Bubbles: 1/2 cup dishwashing detergent, 4 1/2 cup water, 4 tablespoons glycerin. Note: The longer the mixture sits before using, the better results you'll see.

4. National WIldlife Federation Bubble Recipe: 1/4 cup liquid dishwashing detergent, 3/4 cup cold water, 5 drops of glycerin

5. Marcia's Formula: 1 cup Ultra Ivory Blue, 12 cups water, 3/4 tablespoon glycerin. Leave uncovered overnight for the best results.

6. Ann Hallock's Recipe: 6 parts water, 2 parts Joy dishwashing liquid, and 3/4 part corn syrup

7. Bubble Town Quick Start Recipe: 1 part dishwashing liquid and 15 parts water

8. Big Bubble Magic's Basic Secret Formula: 1 part ultra-Joy brand or 1-1/2 parts "cooked" Dawn, 8 parts pure distilled water,1/4 part or less light corn syrup or glycerin. See website for more details on this method.

9. Majic's Big Bubble Recipe: 11 cups Water, 4 cups Ajax dish soap (anti-bacterial works best), 1 cup corn syrup

(Image: Flickr member D Sharon Pruitt licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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