We Bought a 94-Room French Chateau

Nope, it's not a Matt Damon movie and it's certainly not your average fixer-upper. Australian couple Katrina and Craig Waters were on the lookout for a simple, French farmhouse when they happened across Chateau de Gudanes, a crumbling 18th-Century Chateau on sale for a song. Now, nearly two years later, their permits have been approved (phew!) and the epic renovation is underway. It's gonna be a long journey from moldy, rotting house to restored castle, but we'll be following along every step of the way as we vicariously join in this romantic adventure. Want to see more?

The Chateau was originally built by renowned French architect Ange-Jaques Gabriel who also designed such projects as the Petit Trianon and Place de la Concorde, and his neoclassical style is certainly evident here. Not to fear, Katrina and Craig seem intent on, "treading lightly," and keeping all the charm and as many of the original details as possible in this historic structure. Despite the crumbling walls and headache-inducing amount of work to be done, we can already see how beautiful this renovation will be and we can't wait to follow along.

Keep up with their progress at Chateau de Gudanes or follow them on Instagram.

(Image credits: Chateau gudanes on Instagram; Chateau de Gudanes; Chateaugudanes on Instagram; Chateau de Gudanes)