95 Ways You Can Alter, Update & Better Your Home's Lighting

Is there any other design element that has a bigger effect on a room's look than the lighting? The right light can make a room, while the wrong lighting can break one. How do you know if yours is good? Want to know how to dim a lamp? Or looking for DIY lighting project inspiration? We've gathered some of our favorite lamp and lighting ideas to help you light the rooms of your home!

Lighting principles and basics

Expert Advice: Professional Tips for Lighting Your Home

How To Evaluate the Lighting in Your Home

Lighting Basics: 8 Practical Tips & Tutorials

And Then There Was Lighting: This Year's Best DIY Fixtures & Projects

Good how-tos to know

How To Install a Dimmer Switch on a Table Lamp

How To: Rewire a Thrift Store Lamp

How To Install a New Light Fixture

How To Install Track Lighting & Improve Your Kitchen

How To Install a Dimmer Switch

How To Remove a Light Fixture

DIY Light Fixtures

10 Affordable DIY Projects for Expensive-Looking Modern Lights

Amazing DIY Lighting: 10 Projects Under $50

Amazing & Colorful DIY Lighting

Bargain lighting buys

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Lamps Under $100

Under $100: 5 Luxe-Look Standing Reading Lamps

10 Affordable Pendants For Over the Kitchen Table

Inspiring before and afters

An Outdated 80s Chandelier Turns into a Trendy, Geometric Lamp

A Dumpster Lamp Gets a New Life

Simple Lampshade Hack Gets a Gold Medal for Glamour

Plain-Jane Lampshade Goes One-of-a-Kind With Balsa

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