97 Pages of Joy: A First Year's Baby Book by Hanna

97 Pages of Joy: A First Year's Baby Book by Hanna

Richard Popovic
Aug 10, 2011

Baby books are one of those projects that tend to hang over our heads and haunt our dreams, turning what should be a beautiful trip down memory lane into a nagging incessant guilty drag on our psyche. Any free moment we have (of which new parents have so many) could be spent writing, cutting, pasting and arranging the first year of our child's life instead of, say, watching baseball until midnight. So when someone draws our attention to a book that is not only complete but clever and beautiful to boot, we are happy to share and more than a little awestruck.

Hanna of Hanna's Life is Cool used Creative Memories to create a truly beautiful record of her daughter's first year of life. An illustrator and digital artist by trade, Hanna's artistic eye is evident in the photos and overall design of the book. The way each month starts out with a full-page photo and a Wordle collage is especially appealing.

Hanna admittedly feels 'pretty good' to have finished it just sixteen months into her daughter's life. We admittedly feel both inspired by her work and chagrined at the state of our own journals and photos.

Thanks for sharing and providing us all with a bit of motivation, Hanna! Readers, Hanna talks about the book on her own blog here and you can view her online portfolio of stunning work atHanna Sandvig.com where you can also find a link to her Etsy shop, Leaflette

(Images by Hanna Sandvig)

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