(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I've taken my apartment apart in preparation for moving out, and I'm left with only memories and this little pile of metal. It turns out it takes a lot of screws to  make an apartment livable..

These screws held up my Scandinavian Shelves, my Makeshift Dresser Shelves, my Dedicated Friend-Shelf, all of my Vintage Shelf Brackets, my cast iron skillet rack, my bedside table shelf, coat hooks, towel hooks, bag hooks, bike hooks, hooks to hold my paper lantern lights, a bathroom mirror, and even some framed art (I simply wrapped the hanging wire around screws that were already in place). I love the look of my apartment now, so nice and bare, with all the holes filled in and painted over — but it would be so impractical for me to live like this. Where would I put all my stuff — on the floor?! Each screw represents something designed to make this little apartment work better, something added to make being at home more pleasant. 

What hard-working but perhaps humble element makes your home work? 

(Image: Tess Wilson)