99 Yarn Bombed Trees by KnittaPlease

99 Yarn Bombed Trees by KnittaPlease

Last week we shared images of awesome yarn bombed potholes in Paris — little did we know that some yarn bombing was happening right now in the US! From now until March 25, a 'Knitted Wonderland' is colorfully on display in Austin, Texas.

Textile artist Magda Sayeg, also known as KnittaPlease, has knitted 'tree cozies' that cover the trunks of 99 trees in The Blanton's Faulkner Plaza in Austin, Texas. With the help of over 170 volunteers, the work is a response to The Blanton Museum of Art's current exhibition, Recovering Beauty, which focuses on 'the use of crafts and a return to beauty, color and playfulness.'

Magda Sayge is the founder of KnittaPlease, the knit graffiti group credited for spawning the yarn bombing movement. Find out more about Sayge and other knitted works at her website, KnittaPlease.

via: Poppytalk, The Blanton Museum of Art

(Images: 1&2 Poppytalk; 3-5 KnittaPlease)


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