Thai Triangle Pillows: Floor Seating for Crowds

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When you invite a big crowd over to your place to watch a movie or say, the final game of the World Cup, you need extra seating. So we’d been brainstorming about how to add comfortable floor seating in front of our low couches. Then, serendipitously we received a random catalog in the mail from Eastern Serenity and we discovered these traditional Thai Triangle Pillows...

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In Thailand, according to our cursory research, these triangle pillows are called Mon Thai (Thai Pillow) or Mon Kwan (Axe Pillow) and have been used for hundreds of years as versatile pieces for sitting, sleeping and decoration. They come in a wide array of colors, sizes and styles and are often filled with all-natural, sustainable kapok. You can use the basic triangle pillow as a stand alone bolster pillow or you can get a one, two, three, or four-fold triangle pillow which can be extended and folded in different configurations (e.g. extended for reclining to watch TV or folded to sit up to eat at a low coffee table).

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Has anyone had experience with Thai pillows? How do they compare to something like a back jack floor seat? What other solutions have you come up with for extra seating when you have a crowd over to watch movie?

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