A $5 Solution for Scarves

A $5 Solution for Scarves

I've tried hooks and the scarves fall off. I've tried a drawer and forgotten about the scarves at the bottom of it. I've tried shelves and they've become disarrayed within weeks. Naturally, then, I was thrilled to find this quick fix from Juniper Moon Farm.

Frustrated by the same problems I've had, Susan had the idea to try a towel bar. She asked her farm manager to add one to his list on a trip to Lowe's, and he found chrome one for $5. VoilĂ ! — an easy and elegant solution. Now I'm just envious I didn't think of it myself.

For more projects (and tons of photos of their adorable sheep), see Juniper Moon Farms.

(Image: Susan Gibbs for Juniper Moon Farm)

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