A Bookshelf Made of Books

A Bookshelf Made of Books

Jackie Boucher
Sep 26, 2011


Well why not make a bookshelf out of books? It seems so obvious once you see it in all its glory. Imagine this in a nursery made out of classic board books. Or duplicates of some of your favorites as a child.

Most of us can relate to having a stack of books that will likely never get read again but that are too difficult to toss out because of a strong emotional attachment. This is precisely what spurred on this particular bookshelf made by Not Tom, a London-based design studio. For us the funnest part would be coming up with themes, like, a collection of vintage atlases, thrift store finds of ABC books, or perhaps a random collection of kids books in a particular hue of choice.

The more challenging part for some of us would be the nuts and bolts of how to DIY this. Not Tom doesn't share how to they put their BookBook Shelf together which leads us to ponder how does one connect the books to each other? With glue? Bolts, perhaps? Over to you super DIY readers ...

(Image: not tom. via inhabitat)

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