Wine Cork Recycling, With a Twist

Wine Cork Recycling, With a Twist

Amber Byfield
Sep 29, 2008

92908_wine.jpgWe slipped into World Market this weekend to pick up a gift, and we had to stop and check out this case of wine that seemed to be calling out to us.

We're wine lovers. And we're green living lovers. So what stopped us from buying this bottle of Shiraz-Cabernet from Penfolds, despite the fact that it had been shipped from Australia?

Well, nothing. We snagged a bottle for less than $10 and headed on home to enjoy it. The Go Green tag definitely worked on us.

For starters, the tag is made of biodegradable paper that's filled with wildflower seeds. You plant it, water it, and watch it grow! We've seen couples recently using this for a wedding favor: heart-shaped wildflower starters for all of their guests.

The tag has twenty tips in all to live green, from carpooling to ending junk mail to supporting local food producers.

The most interesting thing we saw, however, topped the list: Recycle your corks. We've seen some pretty cool wine cork reuse before, including this one for making trivets and this company that turns them into tiles.

But the tag around this bottle's neck suggested tossing the 100% biodegradable corks into the compost, or using them as mulch for houseplants or flower beds.

Wouldn't it be great to see a flower bed with wine cork mulch? We think so.

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