A Box A Day:
Ridiculously Optimistic Moving Goals

A Box A Day:
Ridiculously Optimistic Moving Goals

Tess Wilson
Mar 7, 2013
My cross-country move is about three months away, which seems like no time at all. Oh, the to-do list, it is long! I've started taking boxes home from my workplaces, and figure that if I pack a box a day, I'll be in good shape. Any chance I'll be able to keep it up for more than, say, two days?

I've already done a ton of organizing and donating, so that is a major help. There will be at least one more major trip to the thrift store, and I'm considering having a garage sale, but for the most part, the stuff I have left is the stuff I want to take with me. And it seems to be a lot of stuff.

The tricky part about the box-a-day strategy is that I don't want to pack everything now, of course. There are certain cookbooks I consult frequently, I still want to have pretty things on display, and I need access to all my dresses all the time. So far I've packed a box of ceramics (leaving out the Ninja mug I use for tea every morning and my day-off breakfast plate) and a box of tiny treasures I've been accumulating for over a decade (seriously tiny things that each trigger powerful memories). Next I think I'll pack my art books (all gifts from my dad), my Pyrex collection (it's grown since then), and less-frequently used cookbooks. After that? It gets a bit murkier..

Are you a fan of packing all-at-once, or a-box-a-day?

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