A Bright, Fresh Take on Marbled Paper

A Bright, Fresh Take on Marbled Paper

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 27, 2012

In the back of my mind, marbled paper has always seemed old. It reminds me of old books with marbled end papers. Even so, when I came across these brightly colored creations it had me digging through my craft closet for supplies. Look out world, marbling is back (or maybe it never left)!

Over at Mini Eco, Kate is always making fabulous things — usually bright in color and simple in nature (she's a mom with kids after all), but with this appeal that's undeniable. Sure, this might be a project you did in elementary school, but I'm willing to wager we all have a better idea on colors these days!

Kate shares simple step by step (there's only 4 of them) instructions on how to marble your own goods. Maybe you want to jazz up your desk and make envelopes as shown above, take on coloring your own wrapping paper, or snazz up some stationery or even paper for the back of a bookcase. The options are endless, and not a single one feels like a snoozy library.

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(Image: Mini Eco)

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