Better Homes and Gardens: A Chic Boys' Room for Two

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It's difficult enough trying to accommodate two children in one bedroom, and with boys the task may be even more so. The Better Homes and Gardens Web site has a great little room tour which shows how to easily create a "Chic Boys' Room for Two."

The word "chic" being used with "boys" in the same sentence? Pish posh, you say? The results are quite successful.

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BHG recommends designing a room that is both fun and functional, this shared bedroom is, "...boyish, but grown-up, and it's age-appropriate for toddlers, teens, and ages in between." Among the various touches throughout the room include metallic details, plenty of storage and red accents.

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To view more photos and read the complete article, visit the Better Homes and Gardens Web site.

All photos by Better Homes & Gardens.