A Classic Goes Modern: Blue & White Ceramics

For many of us, blue-and-white pottery is associated with traditional crafts, from Islamic tiles to Delft pottery. But given the popularity of this color scheme, it's no surprise that many artists and companies are giving it a modern update.

While some of these pieces echo more traditional floral patterns, others feature whimsical elephants and spiraling circles. Regardless, they're all versatile enough to mix in with your current tableware or include in a pretty, contemporary tablescape.

  1. Pia Pasalk's Cup with Seams from her Perfect Imperfect Collection $48.50 (usually $97) at The Future Perfect.
  2. Kahler's Omaggio vase, $68 at Gretel.
  3. Silvia Portella's Elephant Mug, $15 at Poketo.
  4. Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha plate, $24 at Crate & Barrel.
  5. Taikkun Liu's porcelain coke bottles, $380 each at Pagoda Red.

Images: As linked above

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