A Collection of Collections

A Collection of Collections

Regina Yunghans
Sep 22, 2009

Over the years, Bill Keaggy has created quite a collection of, well, collections. We all have those random things that happen to interest us (don't we?), but what strikes us about Keaggy is his pursuit of them. He follows through on those random interests, turning them into art...

A few examples, as pictured above:

  • 102 Days by No Form Design: "...i carried one vial a day for 102 days of my life and put some of the debris i encountered in it, and cataloged it." See the list of what's in each vial here. Image: No Form Design
  • 52 Posters is a project where Keaggy is creating an original poster, one a week, for a year.

See many, many more of Keaggy's engrossing collections at Keaggy.com.

Images: keaggy.com, except as noted

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