One of my favorite parts of our collection of Apartment Therapy videos is the "Favorite Things" videos — the series where we ask readers to share the thing in their home that they love most, and the story behind it. The answers people give are funny, sweet, touching, and incredibly personal, a beautiful reminder that often the things you love most aren't really things at all, but tangible reminders of people and events you treasure.

First up — Sophie Demenge tells a story about her collection of cover of Time magazine covers, given to her by her mother. Sophie's mother would read the magazines and then write to whoever was on the cover, asking them to sign her copy and send it back. Over the years she collected hundreds of covers and letters from influential people all over the world. It's a sweet and also fascinating story.

Jeff Katzman's favorite thing has a special meaning for him and his wife. They've taken an important piece of their wedding decor and reimagined it as home decor — a wonderful reminder of a special day.

And here, Jeff's wife Lisa shares her favorite thing — a special and unexpected graduation gift that she still treasures.

What about you — what's your favorite thing?