A Colorful Music Maker's Mix in Brazil


I'm a huge fan of bold color combos, so of course this brilliantly hued apartment in the pages of Yatzer caught my eye. The architects at Studio Guilherme Torres, tasked with creating a home for Brazilian DJ Pil Marques and his extensive collection of toys and music memorabilia, crafted a playful pop paradise, a space that cheerfully houses all of Pil's treasures without feeling the least bit like a museum. 

In the living room, the blue walls provide just the right amount of color, a new sheepskin rug provides just the right amount of texture, and statues of KISS provide just the right amount of early-80s metal nostalgia. 

But my favorite space is the kitchen. That combo of pink and black is hard to resist, and Pill has filled the space with just the right amount of tchotchkes to be quirky but not cluttered. 

To see lots more of this space (the bathroom is real trip), visit Yatzer

(Images: Lufe Gomes, via Yatzer)