A Creative Corner

A Creative Corner

Richard Popovic
Sep 20, 2011

Creative uses of neglected spaces never goes out of style and when the space fosters additional creativity it's certainly worth a mention. Challenging corners and in-home chalkboards are two elements we see a lot of in our room tours so it caught our attention when we recently saw both of those elements happily cross paths.

We checked out what Tiffanie at Corner Blog has been up to recently and her post on this art wall was a nice surprise. Taking an unused transitional area and turning it into both an art gallery and art studio for her kids was one of her favorite parts of a recent renovation. This formerly adrift corner is now a lively center of activity.

And if anyone thinking of creating a similar chalkboard wall is worried that young artists will see it as license to decorate every wall available, fear not. As long as you don't mind repeating yourself for a month or two--'only on the BLACK wall'--you should be fine.

(Images: Tiffanie/Corner Blog)

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