A Curtain at the Front Door

A Curtain at the Front Door

Regina Yunghans
Mar 10, 2011

Finally! Hanging a curtain at the front door is something I've long considered for my home, but I haven't seen much precedent for doing it. Upon finding this example, though, I absolutely love it:

My reasoning for wanting to hang a curtain like this is that the front door leaks cold air in like crazy, as does the adjacent mail slot. Sure, I could just improve the weather stripping on both. But hanging a curtain too couldn't hurt: it would help to stop drafts and looks great while doing it!

This example provides a few pointers: hang the curtain high to elongate the ceiling height, encompass the transom as well as the door, design in a tie-back, and go with a punchy color for visual as well as actual warmth..Has anyone else out there considered hanging a curtain at the front door? Do you like this particular execution of the idea?

Image: House to Home

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