Adding Design Details: Door Escutcheons

Adding Design Details: Door Escutcheons

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 27, 2012

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to live in a home without architectural details but really wish you had some, you might already be familiar with many of the ways in which you can yourself add a little architectural interest. Let us bring your attention to a detail you may have never thought of before: escutcheons!

You know, those plates behind a door knob on a door that add a little oomph to the door presentation? A serious detail during Downton Abbey-era, but also super hot during the Mid-Century Modern era, as well.

Though it seems a bit small or trivial, it also seems like the kind of rich detail that leads to an incredibly interesting, unique home. And some can help protect your door from damage and wear. Here are just a few to get you started on your own escutcheon search:

1) Mid-Century Narrow Star Escutcheon
2) Mid-Century Wide Square Escutcheon
3) Mid-Century Round Escutcheon
4) Eastlake Door Escutcheons -- Victorian Door Plates
5) Early 1900s Antique Escutcheon Back Plates
6) Vintage Escutcheons
7) Art Deco Keyhole Back Plate

What do you guys think about door knob plates? Does your home have any, modern or vintage-looking? Do you think your place might enjoy an escutcheon addition? Let us know!

(Top image: From the Crestview Doors' Flickr stream, full of great MCM escutcheon inspiration; the rest credited in the links)

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