A Day in the Life: Design for Mankind's Dailies

Ever wonder what a blogger does all day? Are we all in our pj's? Are we rushing off to our real jobs? Is our house actually tidy or even stylish? Take a peek into a day in the life after the cut:

image of sfgirlbybay's dailies from Design for Mankind
We've been loving LA-based blog Design for Mankind's Dailies: a moment by moment log of the daily lives of some of our favorite bloggers and stylemakers (sfgirlbybay and iren from bloesom among them). Call us voyeurs, but we just love seeing how people go about their everyday life. What do they look at when they wake up, how do they display their collections, what time they start their day, how many other jobs they have and small things like: do they have one of our favorite alarm clocks? Plus we're impressed that people are willing to be so candid. We'll be posting a house tour later this week of our own humble abode (with some unfinished pieces) to give you a sense of our life when its clean and tidy, so let it be known, there will be no unmade beds in ours! Until then, enjoy the daillies.