A (Dis)Taste for Fringe

Fringe; bleh! That's my initial reaction to the dangly trim, whether in fashion or in the home. But, as with everything, there are exceptions:

Like that gorgeous cashmere throw pictured up top. That particular one is by Burberry at Nordstrom, but there are lots out there that are just beautiful!

Now, back to my initial distaste for fringe. You see, my first impression of the trim was not through sight but another sense: The only fringe I remember in my home was circa 1980. It was on a burnt orange pillow on my mother's sofa. As a 2-year-old, I used to chew on the fringe 'til it was covered in drool. There you have it, that's where I developed my taste for fringe.

Do you have any fringe in your home? Tell us why it's beautiful (or tasty) in the comments below!

Image: Burberry

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