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We love cardboard as a crafting/building/creating material. It is everywhere, it is inexpensive, and it is recyclable. Many projects start with a box, but here's one that takes a different approach. It uses individual panels which can be combined in any number of ways, and as you can see, the results can be pretty impressive.

Open-ended constructive play is something that should always be encouraged, and while we often see it with LEGO and other building blocks, rarely do we see it in such a large format. Valerie from Inner Child Fun devised a simple way to make cardboard panels cut from a large box into a modular building system. By making a few evenly spaced slits in each panel, they can be made to lock together in just about any direction.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The big advantage to this method is how small it all packs up. As opposed to trying to store a huge refrigerator box space ship, these panels can be bundled together and stored under a bed or in the back of a closet. Nicely done, Valerie!

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