A DIY Play Kitchen Made from Lowe's Instructions

A DIY Play Kitchen Made from Lowe's Instructions

Carrie McBride
Sep 6, 2011

The cool thing about making your own play kitchen is how open to interpretation the project is. You can hack something, cobble something together or start from scratch: all with great results. The kitchen above was made from scratch, but with detailed instructions...from Lowes.

I just happened to follow a link left by a reader in a post about purchasing play kitchens (Play Kitchens for Any Budget) to a sweet mom-and-dad made red play kitchen. Reader Nikki of Lily Bug Designs and her husband followed instructions on the Lowes website to make this fridge, oven and sink. The instructions are quite detailed but good for people who know a little about building but aren't confident to start completely from scratch. And I love that Nikki chose to paint the kitchen red - sharp!

Here are the direct links to the projects at Lowes: refrigerator, oven, sink.

(Image: Lily Bug Designs)

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