A DIY Rolling Crate Footstool

A DIY Rolling Crate Footstool

Cambria Bold
Sep 9, 2011

This is a fun project: Sue from 129 Twig & Vine took a regular ol' milk crate and transformed it into a rustic rolling coffee table and footstool. The lid made out of a wooden cutting board means the crate can be used for storage, too!

Sue writes on her blog:

I've had a Borden's milk crate for years. I think it was in my parent's barn when I was a kid. Or a neighbor's cellar. Or purchased at an auction. I'm really not sure... But I wasn't satisfied to hide it in a closet. It's a beautiful piece of wood and metal edging, and adding caster wheels seemed like a good way to bring it out of the closet—so to speak—and into better use in the house.

Get the full tutorial: DIY Rolling Crate Footstool at 129 Twig & Vine

Via Poppytalk

(Images: 129 Twig & Vine)

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